Our philosophy of service is based on one of the most fundamental human need to understand and to be understood. We reckon, the best way to understand people is done by listening, and more so when it matters the most.

Plainteny’ mission is to truly facilitate the process of listening to your irate experiences while interacting with various businesses thru the lifecycle., from shopping and purchasing products or services to using or enjoying them., by capturing your complaints and make them seamlessly available to businesses that want to hear, understand, and resolve them in an effort to demonstrate their gratitude of your business. Our belief and basic premise is that businesses value the patronage of their customers and will take several measures to innovate or make changes to their products, processes and people necessary to address genuine complaints.

Plainteny is solely focused on providing a real-time mobile enabled platform for consumers and businesses for resolving complaints, and enable businesses to compete for the valet share proactively in the digital age. The key components of our platform include, ‘my Complaint 360’ for consumer to raise and track complaints on various businesses, and ‘Complaint Dashboard’ for businesses to track genuine complaints to closure including any compensation given.

We are a team of seasoned professionals from diverse industries that deeply understand the digital world and customer patronage, and as consumers ourselves of wide array of products and services who want to make a difference!